Issue Programmes

Instituto de Crédito Oficial has four programs

Our dates

  • hand with money

    30.000 M €Global Medium Term Note

  • hand with money

    10.000 M €Euro Commercial Paper

  • hand with money

    6.000 M AU$Kangaroo Programme

  • hand with money

    300.000 M JPYSamurai Shelf Resgistration

Instituto de Crédito Oficial has four issue programmes:

GMTN (Global Medium Term Note):

  • Size: 30.000 million euros.
  • Maturity: medium and long term.
  • Currency: euro or other.
  • Listed on different stocks exchanges: Luxemburg, London, etc.
  • Used for private and public notes.
  • Download GMTN programm in PDF format 

Euro Commercial Paper (E.C.P.):

Kangaroo Programme:

  • Size: 6.000 million Australian dollars.
  • Maturity: medium and long term.
  • Currency: australian dollar.
  • Addresses mainly Australian investors.
  • Under Australian Law.
  • Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.
  • Download Kangaroo Programme in PDF format

Samurai Shelf Registration:

  • Size: 300.000 million yens.
  • Maturity: medium and long term.
  • Currency: japanese yen.
  • Addresses Japanese institutional investors.
  • Requires MoF of Japan's approval.